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Posted: December 05, 2015

We at Karate Atlanta know that a lot of parents seek out martial arts classes to help their children in some significant ways. If you have a struggling child, Taekwondo classes can help them gain more confidence, learn the value of hard work, stay fit and healthy, increase their ability to focus, and gain new friends.

Gain More Confidence


This is one of the main benefits of Taekwondo for kids. We see a lot of kids come through our doors feeling weak, unimportant, and completely bereft of power to change their circumstances. As we work with them, they quickly see just how much power they truly possess. The discipline and imperative nature of physical force Taekwondo classes can provide will help your child gain confidence.

Learn the Value of Hard Work

Nothing about Taekwondo is easy. It all takes hard work. No skill is gained, no routine is learned, and no belt is earned without continued focus and practice. If you want your child to learn what it feels like to work hard for an achievement, then that is exactly the kind of experience they will gain in a Taekwondo class. This lesson of the joy that comes from hard work will stay with them for a long time and can shape the way they face challenges in the future.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Young boy fighter in kimono with hand up isolated on white background

There are a lot of programs out there trying to help kids stay fit and healthy, but few of them have the desired effect. Why? We think it is because those programs are forced and are not fun. When your child starts learning Taekwondo, they will have an enjoyable experience that keeps them moving and stretching. This could be the perfect way to usher in a new level of health and wellness for your child.

Increase Focus

We are well aware that there are some medical conditions that make it nigh impossible for a child to truly focus. That being said, Taekwondo can improve the capacity for focus in any child. We can’t promise a child with ADD will all of the sudden be able to sit quietly through every day of class. What we can promise is that all children in our courses will learn how to practice discipline and control their minds.

Gain New Friends

The friends that your child spends time with will greatly shape the experience they have in school and in other areas of life. By putting your child in a class of this nature, your child will be meeting new people who are setting similar goals. Working together to accomplish these things can create some very healthy bonds.