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Posted: December 10, 2015

Women have some specific disadvantages when they are in public. It is difficult to acknowledge this, but having full awareness that you have a greater chance than a man does of being victimized in public helps you to make bold steps to address this issue and protect yourself. While none of us want to believe that we may have to defend ourselves against a harasser, attacker, or other aggressive offender, it is important for all of us to defend ourselves. Women have even more of a reason to do so. Thankfully, Alpharetta self-defense for women can be taught with close instruction, detailed demonstration, practice, and complex techniques in a formal setting.

If you are a woman or are concerned about the safety of your female friend, wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter, then take note of the following reasons why women must know some form of self-defense such as karate:

1. Women Are Targeted

The reason we pointed out above that women are victimized more often than men is that women are targeted more often. This cannot be attributed to weakness but to the fact that women are vulnerable to sexual assault, rape, mugging, abduction and harassment at extremely high numbers. Women should learn what to do in these situations and how to avoid them entirely, if possible.

2. The Statistics Speak for Themselves

The US Department of Justice has reported that a woman is physically or sexually assaulted in America every 90 seconds. Furthermore, a staggering majority of these cases are never reported to police or do not lead to an arrest. Do not be another statistic. Learn how to avoid a conflict or escape a dangerous situation with karate.

3. Be Bold and Confident

There is immense pride in learning how to defend yourself. While some consider karate to be a form of exercise–it indeed it physically challenging and helps you get in shape–it is also a skill. Taking initiative and seeing yourself improve from a beginner’s level to a position of mastery is a rewarding experience like almost nothing else. Beyond the endorphins that make physical activity satisfying is the knowledge that you are working to take a stand against predatory activity and learning to defend yourself from harm.We want to stress that karate is not a form of aggression but a form of self-defense. One of the many things you will learn while practicing karate in Atlanta is that karate helps keep you out of danger; it does not give you reason to start fights or escalate conflicts. Of course, for 3 very important reasons above, learning to defend yourself from harm is rewarding enough and will improve your daily life.