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Karate Atlanta Dunwoody


Posted: June 24, 2015

As a woman, you face threats just as anyone else does, whether it is an attack from an intruder or a health threat such as diabetes or obesity. To defend yourself against the unknown, you can be prepared if you begin taking women’s martial arts classes for self-defense and fitness. As experts in their field of martial arts and self-defense, we’d like to tell you how the art of taekwondo might help you further.

Taekwondo is an ancient martial art that reached popularity in the United States in the 1940s. Over the years, it has become even more popular as a method for not only self-defense, but for fitness as well.

This style of martial arts focuses on a series of kicks and punches that emphasize speed and agility and helps students to work towards incorporating a Theory of Power that includes reaction force, concentration, equilibrium, breath control, mass, and speed. When all of these components are brought together, students are able to learn methods of protection while gaining an excellent fitness workout.

Students typically learn the following during their martial arts class:

  • Forms – To master the art of this type of self-defense, it is important that students learn proper poses and positioning for their safety and protection both in and out of the classroom.
  • Sparring – Students will practice with instructors and each other to incorporate all that they learn in class.
  • Self-Defense Techniques – To help prepare students for potentially dangerous situations, these techniques are taught by instructors in the classroom.
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Workouts, and Stretching – To help keep the mind and body strong and agile.
  • Relaxation and Breathing Control – These steps are necessary for students to master to assure that they are in control of their movements and calm in any situation they might encounter.
  • Rank Progressions – As with many different martial arts forms, rank progression is available for students to learn new techniques and progress throughout a given program.

It is important to make sure that, as a woman, you are empowered and ready for any obstacle that comes your way. When it comes to threats to your health or safety, you can make sure that you are in control when you take classes specializing in self-defense for women.